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Blogger is a person who writes contents for blogs on the web. A blog is updated on a regular basis. There can be a serious of authors or an individual author. People write blogs and there could be comments and responses to each blog. Blogger is also a publishing firm like WordPress, where people posts contents based on a wide variety of topics. To be a successful blogger one needs to write original and quality content, should have an appealing title and should anticipate whom they are writing for.  A blogger can update the contents easily and can also manage the content in both simple and complex manner.

Benefits of using Bloggers

  • When we start blogging or rather posting blogs on the websites, the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN improves the search engine optimization to get more traffic of users to the webpages.
  • Bloggers can get good business and they have a good opportunity when it comes to any job related to web.
  • Bloggers can turn out to great writers or authors as they spend their time writing blogs on a frequent basis and get feedbacks once they publish their contents.
  • Bloggers can be good writers because they share a relationship with the readers. They know the psyche of the readers because when a blogger shares their insights with the reader, the reader in turn shares a lot about themselves through comments, posts, tweets or responses.


WordPress is not only reputed software that was developed for blogging since 2003, but has also become popular software for managing contents for non blogging sites. It is basically a tool designed to post blogs and also manage contents for other websites. Publishing of blogs online becomes simpler and easier for users using WordPress. WordPress is a free software where users have complete freedom over it and where cost of publish also becomes free of cost. The installation and up-gradation of the software is easy. WordPress helps to work on wide range of websites be it personal or professional. There are support forums as well who help answer questions or any query.

Benefits of WordPress

  • WordPress is a browser based software that gives complete authority to post blogs on the web and is very easy to use for the readers.
  • WordPress is user friendly and helps the search engines index the contents of the sites.
  • WordPress allow multiple users to use at a single time.
  • Publishing is very easy and contents can become public or private based on security procedures.

Comparative study between Blogger and WordPress

Lets us compare the two Blogger and WordPress and figure out which is the best for getting more traffic to websites is.

  1. Blogger is a self hosted and non- commercial service whereas WordPress is a free blogging and commercial service.
  2. In a Blogger, when we post a blog, the contents become page static whereas, in a WordPress, a blog can get converted to a hybrid or static website.
  3. In Blogger coding becomes easy. The blogs can be customized and knowledge of programming is not required. Whereas, in WordPress coding becomes very hard. The blogs are designed based on a programming language, PHP and hence a user needs basic knowledge of JavaScript, PHP to make any changes.
  4. Blogger just requires a Google account. Hence signing in becomes very easy. Whereas, WordPress requires proper registration such as username, password, email address, etc.
  5. Blogger is owned by Google and hence the websites or blogs can be deleted any time by Google. Whereas, WordPress is recommended because it is free to install and there are number of plugins and themes available for users.

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