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In a world where everything and everything is online, it is almost impossible to find what you are looking for. Just because something is published online, doesn’t mean it is visible to your customers and if they don’t see it, your business will suffer.

Without being proactive and using links or any other drivers to get people to your page, you’re are just sitting back and letting it coast online, you’ll never make Google’s or any other search engine’s top spot on the first page.

Once you’ve committed to joining the World Wide Web, it is crucial to get eyes on your page, and that doesn’t happen automatically. At least not with out some kind of search engine optimization, which is where we come in. Google wants the elite sites at the top of their page, which is usually determined by who is linking your page, and how many eyes are actually looking at your page.

Sometimes back-linking websites can be tricky and popular search engines like Google have rules to what guidelines need to be followed in order to be ranked, and ranked well. In order to avoid confusion and frustration, offsite SEO is constantly staying up to date with such regulations and will always keep your website up to snuff and easily searchable.

No need to panic. Some of the easiest ways to use offsite optimization effectively is to: ask clients to link directly to you, make sure to have educational content where opinions can be posted, use video and graphics from other sites such as YouTube, and make sure to list your site in online directories.

Google can sometimes be a bully when it comes to rankings and eventually end up costing you more money. Avoid the bully and the high bills and use skills that Google finds to be authentic. Offsite SEO makes sure to be on Google’s good side and keep all tactics up to date in order to avoid punishment and high prices for results.

Video Optimization

You have to remember that people are lazy. Someone is ten times more likely to watch a video with all the information strategically summarized than read and entire article online. With video, you are able to summarize your content and get your message out faster and clearer.

A simple, easy way to get results for your website that is overly popular right now is video. Video is exciting, interactive and eye catching, drawing in those eyes directly to your page. Video can have huge impacts on your rankings and it is crucial to avoid a cut and past boring copy only website. Google owns YouTube therefore; video is a great strategy to improve rankings.

Link Building

Usually sites with the most links rank the highest, but it is never that simple. There are good links and bad links, and it is crucial you know the difference in order to make sure you are ranked well on the best search engines.

Article Links:

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Article links are the best place for a back link. You are not allowed to repeat the same article over and over again, you must write a new one each time. You can write the same information but worded differently. Article links can be the most affective, but only when done right.

Comment Links:

Comment links are perfectly acceptable as long as the comment link you use has something to do with what you commented on. For example, if you are a pediatrician and you comment on a new vaccine article for a child that is fine. But if you are a pediatrician and you comment about a new children’s vaccine on a pig farm article, Google will ding you for that.

Reciprocal Links:

This type of link is where you link from your site to another and they both link back to you. This is okay as long as the sites have something to do with you and is not random. A good example would be linking your page with suppliers that you do business with, but don’t over do it. Too many links to your page can cause Google to think you are trying to “link farm.”

Link Farms:

Link farms are basically a bunch of links all to your page that are all doing the same thing or serving the same purpose. It is an outdated technique and Google with nail you for it. It is best to avoid link farms at all costs.

Internal Links:

Internal links are links that link one part of your website to another. Most sites have this with things like menu options and page navigation. When your use internal linking, it helps Google find what page exactly to link to, when searching for something. A classic example is signing up for something online. You want to be taken directly to the sign up page, rather than jump a bunch of hoops first.

Back Links:

Back links are links to your website that has a search term that is hyper linked directly to your website. Such as JeffCitySEO if you are a SEO company, This is tricky and people used back links in articles that had nothing to do with their website or product, but got people to their page. Remember Google, the bully? Google will figure it out eventually, so it is best to use back links properly or not at all.

Direct Inbound Links:

A simple link to your website from another, with just using your web address as the actual link itself. As long as the link is not from an adult site, or connected with drugs or gambling, a link like this will never hurt you.

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