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Feb 12

Search Engine Optimization

The first tool developed to explore the web was introduced in 1990 called ‘Archie’. A year later in 1991, ‘Gopher’ came up. Mathew Gray developed ‘Wandex’ in 1993 to develop to explore the web. The search engines were doing very well. Now the best search engines which the available for users are Google, Yahoo and Bing. The purpose of a search engine is to give users a plethora of relevant information when a search query is entered in the search bar. The search engine usually provides a wide range of results in the search engine result page, when a keyword is entered.

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is an Optimization technique which works both for on page optimization and off page optimization. This technique is used to get good ranks in the SERP and get more traffic, more viewers.  The primary goal of SEO is to seek more viewers to the webpage and get top ranks in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization uses algorithm to determine what documents should be shown in the search list when the keyword is entered. The factors that are responsible are content, title, coding, words, link and geographical location of the user.

Type of Search Engine Optimization

The two major techniques of SEO or Search Engine Optimization are:

On page Search Engine Optimization– this is a technique where the SEO experts work on the webpage. The role of on page SEO is to check the webpage they have original and relevant content. They work on the link building, image setting and optimization, content development; structure of the URL is also looked after in on page technique. On page technique works on titles, images, headlines, page descriptions, and page formatting.

Off page Search Engine Optimization- this is a technique where the SEO experts work off the page. They usually work on the marketing aspect of the webpage. This is an important technique to give good ranks to the webpage and get more traffic. The main elements that SEO experts work on are social bookmarking, social media and link building.

‘Guaranteed SEO’ an allusion

SEO is not a product, it is a marketing technique hence there is guarantee. It is not sure to give you result. It is important that the website that opts for this technique is sure to attract viewers. No SEO company can guaranteed a first page placement in a span of two weeks or six months or a year. Sometimes best of best reputed companies can fail to give best result. It is important to note that even though the SEO firm you opt for have a good background and the give best result to the sites that stands your competition does not mean that your webpage will also be one of the best in the list. Though SEO helps develop links, develop on page and off page techniques, check for original, relevant keywords, work on image optimization. SEO firms monitor and implement strategies. SEO may works on all these techniques does not mean they would work well in the search ranks.

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