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There are a lot of people that do not have a very knowledgeable understanding of SEO or why it is important. Yes, “black hat” SEO can get you in trouble with search engines like Google, but businesses are encouraged to use “white hat” SEO and manage their rankings with chances to improve with help from SEO experts.

Google’s best advice is to not cut corners and go with the cheap, low quality SEO strategists and take the time with a real professional. Be aware of what can destroy your ranking on Google, and use someone who is capable of using the correct skills to get your website where it needs to be rank wise, the right way. If Google is happy, you’re happy.

With great service and results we never require a contract from you.

#1 Most important thing is title tags. Make sure to have excellent keyword research and relevance and you will be golden. Optimizing the words that are actually on your page is key, not phrases that have no real importance to your page.

#2 Page content: Don’t write run of the mill or boring everyday language. You want to be clear, but unique. AKA no copying and pasting from sites like Wikipedia. USE YOUR OWN WORDS.

#3 Meta descriptions: Meta descriptions are the few phrases that appear under the title tags in search results. They should have the same keywords as your title tags, but with more explanation.

#4 Heading tags: The secondary set of title tags that appear in search results when done correctly.

#5 Photographs banners and images: Optimize your images for better ranking in search terms.

#6 Geo Tags: When you give your geographic location, this will allow for better searches locally. Geo tags are fairly new, and often ignored or overlooked.

Mid Missouri SEO on site link structure.

#7 Internal Linking: Is when you link specific or key phrases with your website. Doing so, gives search engines an important phrase for your site.

Using some or all of these methods can help boost your website online and make sure you receive the best results for your business or company. Onsite SEO isn’t the make it or break it marketing tactic for online success, but it will definitely help.

Keyword Search

At first glance, it might seem simple to think of the keywords that your customers might search when looking for your company’s product or service, but it’s not. Everyone’s mind is different and thinks differently when they search online and cannot always be clear when searching. Keyword searches are extremely important and it is not something to gloss over.

Your customers don’t always know what to search.

Most people start very general with their search and after not finding what they are looking for, modify their search more specifically or broaden it to get more results.

It is key to show up for all related and relevant topics to your business in order to establish yourself as the front-runner in your market and find your most ideal customers.

A popular mistake to avoid is “peacock phrases” or terms with the most searches that are the most obvious. We help you not only get keywords with the most searches, but the ones that are the most relevant and specific to your business.

Optimization for Other devices

Mid Missouri SEO Responsive Wed Design

Responsive Design

Would you be more likely to call a business or company you searched for if the number just appeared off the website on your phone? Or if you had to manually type in the number odd the screen?

Responsive website: make sure that in today’s world of tablets and smart phones that your website is compatible and easily adaptable on devices other than a normal computer screen. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer when a website is formatted wrong.

Remember, people are lazy. If you do the mundane work for the customer in the beginning, it makes it easier on them and you are much more likely to get the customer to stick around.

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