Top Five Benefits Of Using WordPress For Your Website

By admin | Custom WordPress Design

Feb 06


Website owners prefer WordPress to get good ranks in the search engines results page of the search engines like MSN, Yahoo!, Google, Bing, etc. We know that WordPress is a Content Management System that helps to manage static files. It is an open source and a free blogging service for the users. This tool helps us to host our websites anywhere anytime. WordPress was released in 2003 and has become very popular web publishing tool as there is an ease in the usage of the tool and also there are host of themes and plug-ins available to users. This blogging tool is based on the PHP and MySQL language which allows flexibility. Some the basic features of WordPress are-

  1. Flexibility
  2. Simplicity
  3. Convenient to use
  4. Forms number of themes and plug-ins.
  5. Manages users
  6. User friendly
  7. High security
  8. Multiple users

Why website owners prefer WordPress?

WordPress makes blogs in Search Engines friendly. By installing WordPress by default, titles, keywords are important. When we want to post titles in the URL structures we need to sign in, in the blog, then select the “settings” option, then click on the “permalinks” options that appears in the left column, then we need to customize the structure and then save the changes, after that there would appear a message directing that the link has been updated, then the file needs to be uploaded. Search engines can improve ranks of the websites and can be friendly if we post titles in the title tags. Hence websites owners are recommended to use WordPress in order to increase the traffic in their blog posts.

Five benefits of using WordPress for your websites

Some of the key benefits of using WordPress are:

  1. Easy to access

In order to run business website, owners should opt for WordPress because it can be accessed easily, the installation, up-gradation and management of the software is very convenient. All that is required for running WordPress is internet connection. We need to create a User-Id and password one time and then sign in using it. Once we create a free account, we would be able to customize our website and also manage our website from any computer with internet connection.

  1. Low cost of maintenance

WordPress saves money for the website owners as it does not require designers to designing of develop your website. WordPress is cost cutting when there is question of editing. When we add a new page, editing has to be done to the content to make it appealing and original to the viewers. If one uses WordPress, managing and editing content for the website saves a lot of money.

  1. Themes and plug-ins

One of the most important factors of using WordPress is the themes and plug-ins that are available. Number of themes can be created for customers and users or viewers through themes repository. Similar a host of plug-ins can be created for users through plugin repository. Plug-ins is an add-on programs that enhances the capability of the blogs.

  1. High security

There is a high security and hacker-proofed techniques in WordPress. Through there are host of add-on programmes and themes to enhance the capability of the software, it is hacker proofed and easily navigable within the website, since it uses PHP programming language. 

  1. Links well with users

WordPress helps us to know our customers or users. Every page would have a “contact us” option which allows or permits viewers to comment or communicate with you. This would help in getting free Search Engine Optimization. WordPress allows a direct link with the users.

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